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How can philosophy exist outside the institution?

We know that philosophy as the love of wisdom or knowledge shares its history with the pursuit of this knowledge, a pursuit that begins with the inception of the academy.  Therefore, no matter how we understand philosophy we cannot deny its academic roots.  This is why the question I ask is not how does philosophy exist outside of academia but rather how does it exist outside of the institution.

We can claim that historically there has never been a difference between the academy and the institution, but today we have to make the difference.  So what is this difference? If we are to take the institution as the administrative machine that deals with the day to day nuances of funding, adhering to currant policy and dealing with all concerns that are not related to the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake then the academy becomes this refined quest for knowledge.  Consequently, we realise that although the purity of the academy never truly existed the balance between the institution and the academy in England today is clearly tipped in favour of the institution.

My inaugurate question therefore has two folds.  First what is an institution and here we can look at the English institution as a model of education that continues to drive itself far away from the purity of academic pursuit.  Second what does it mean to exist outside of the modern institution and is such an outside possible?  What ‘other’ models are we driving towards.

By Maria


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